Our Team

Out & Wild Festival is designed for queer, questioning and curious women and those that are non-binary.

Our Co-Founders



Polly has spent the last 10 years working on LGBTQI events, including being on the Board of Pride in London up until 2018 and a consultant for DIVA Media Group. A former Marketing and Fundraising Director, working within the commercial and not for profit sector, Polly is a currently a Partnership and Inclusion Consultant.

Polly is a Chartered Institute of Fundraising award winner and was recognised as a leader in Profit for Purpose at the 2019 UK Sponsorship Awards. Polly sits on several inclusion committees and is a Director of Trans in the City.

Outside work Polly loves running, hiking, walking her dog and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Becky French is a veteran of the Royal Air Force, serving abroad on numerous occasions. Upon leaving the service she transitioned into the private security sector where she specialised in operational and event security.

Becky’s work involved planning the security architecture for teams in international high-risk countries as well as planning the security for internationally recognised sporting events.

Becky is a keen sports woman, having played golf for both the Royal Air Force and Combined Services teams. She also played a lot of squash and rugby during her time in the RAF.

In her spare time, you will find Becky, walking her two dogs, playing golf, or whistling down a hill, albeit ungracefully, on a pair of skis

Wellness Curators



Rach and Issy are running the Wellness side of the festival. Both of have been on our own separate journeys of self-acceptance, self-discovery, and healing. Together, they have over 16 years’ experience in helping people with all thing’s fitness, Pilates, nutrition, and mindset related.

Rach and Issy have created a company called LGBT FIT which aims to give people a safe space community where they can log on and workout, with no judgement or worry, accessing our library of videos with offerings across Pilates, strength, and conditioning, HIIT, guided meditations, breathwork exercises and more.

They understand fitness is more than just physical health, which is why LGBT FIT was born with the strap line FIT MIND. FIT BODY. FIT YOU – because we know it’s not just about the outside, it’s about the inside too.

Music & Comedy Curator


Sarah Maslen lives on the beach in Llanelli, South West Wales. She is part of the Senior Leadership Team of YMCA Swansea and the Deputy CEO of LGBT+ Cymru Helpline. She is a solo Mum to three young children, and they spend as much of their time outside (and wild) as possible, with their ponies exploring and having adventures. She is also a director of Trans in the City. Sarah is passionate about inclusion and empowering others.

She is passionate about Out and Wild as she believes the ideology that is driving the festival and the team that are behind it is not only something unique but also something that is desperately needed for LGBTQIA+ Women, those who are non-binary and questioning within the UK and wider too. Sarah says she feels honored to be a curator of the festival and is looking forward to showcasing some homegrown, Welsh talent too. Sarah is looking forward to meeting others over the course of the festival and spending time in one of the most stunning spots in Wales!

Taster of Sport Curator


Lou Englefield is a founding Director of Pride Sports, a UK LGBTIQ+ sports development and inclusion organisation. Lou has been a leading voice on LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport & physical activity for more than 10 years. She has directed the international Football v Homophobia campaign since 2012, is Vice Chair of the FARE Network and is Co-Chair of Pride House International. Lou presents and speaks on issues of LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport and physical activity globally and has ensured that Pride Sports has become a leading authority in the field, at the forefront of insight, policy, and practice.

Spoken Word Curators



Zoë Berryman is passionate about all things literary. She is the co-chair of the DIVA Book Club with Nicola Cottington and has run a book group in her local area for the last six years. Her love of reading began at an early age with Enid Blyton ‘s Enchanted Wood and led her to studying English literature at University. Her bookshelves are full to the brim with anything and everything from Virginia Woolf and Mary Oliver to more recently published Annie Garthwaite and Eleanor Morgan.

Zoë works for a charity providing supported learning and activities for vulnerable adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues, something she is very passionate about.

Music, books, and the outdoors are her favourite ways to spend time, making the Out and Wild Festival a perfect place to be.

Zoë lives in London.

By day, Nicky Cottingham is a Chief Operating Officer at an NHS Trust in the East of England. By night, Nicky is a book obsessive and enjoys sharing her love of the written word with others. Nicky is a member of a local writing group, Ellipsis, and has taken part in creative writing courses, retreats and performances. Nicky also runs the Cancer Survivors Book Club and co-chairs the Diva Book Club with Zoë Berryman.

In the little time left over Nicky squeezes in running half marathons, relatively slowly. Nicky is a lesbian and is married to the lovely Lorraine. They live in Suffolk with their two boys, four cats and one dog.