Respecting our values

Out and About values are:

Inclusive – our experiences are open to all identifying LGBTQIA individuals, those that are non-binary and allies. We will promote both events that are mixed and for LGBTQIA identifying women and men, those that are non-binary and allies. We will also be ensuring all consultants and partners have agreed to our Code of Conduct.

Customer Focused – we will always keep in mind our customer needs and requirements and constantly adapt our offer to meet these. We have a strong service ethic and intend to ensure we deliver great experiences, activities and retreats.

Connective – our aim is to connect LGBTQIA individuals through shared experiences and activities. We want to make sure we can connect our audience both physically and virtually.

Open and honest – we will be open, honest and transparent about our experiences, being clear about who they are aimed at and what to expect.

Communication – Event Management

We need to be in communication with our members and subscribers in order to run our events. 

Out and About will both run their own events, but also host on their event finder, events from agreed third parties. 

Out and About’s own events will always be clearly labelled as such. By agreeing to take part you agree that we can communicate with you by email. To understand our privacy policy click here (insert link)

Third party events will be clearly labelled. With third party events, Out and About will collect your data for the third party and Out and About. We will only work with third parties who can assure us that they are using GDPR guidelines. 

If you have issues or complaints regarding a third-party event, you can contact Out and About (insert email address). We take all complaints seriously, and where required retain the right to delist and not work with selected third parties.

Communication – Marketing

Out and About want to keep members and subscribers up to date with our latest event, offers and content.

Event cancellation and refunds – Out and About events 

Where we have to cancel an Out and About event, we will let those who have signed up as soon as possible and offer either a refund or a new date. Full details of this will be listed with each event.

Event cancellation and refund – Third Party events

Where we promote third party events, Out and About will not take payments. T&Cs will be with the third party in relation to cancellation refund.

Looking after yourself on a Out and About event

Safety is important to Out and About. Some risks are inherent in certain activities. Out and About will always take reasonable and proportionate precautions against known risks, but cannot completely exclude them.

For this reason, we do encourage those who take part in Out and About to take out their insurance against the risk of injury or any other damage on an event. Out and About can not be held responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer, unless it results from our negligence.

Safeguarding your property on an event will always be your responsibility and Out and About will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your property, no matter how it is caused. 

By signing up to an event, you undertake to tell the event leader about any medical condition you have or suspect you might have which could limit your participation in the event or expose your or others to risk in any circumstances.

Event leaders will not disclose medical information and Out and About will not store any information of this kind.

Third party event providers

As well as creating their own events, Out and About will also work with approved third-party event partners. Third party events will be clearly labelled on our event platform.

We ask all event providers to agree to the following when they sign up as an Out and About Partner.

  • Out and About’s Code of Conduct
    • We expect all our partners to be inclusive to all the LGBTQIA community who enquire about and take part in their events. We expect Out and About members and subscribers to:
      • be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity
      • be treated in a manner free from discrimination and objectification
      • not be harassed, bullied or victimised
      • be dealt with in an honest, transparent and legal way
    • We ask all out third parties to have policies in place that allow team leaders to call out any in inappropriate or discrimination.


  • Out and About’s guidelines around data security
    • Out and About will provide data to third party organisations who are agreed partners and are delivering agreed events. This will always be clearly communicated.
    • All third parties need to have GDPR and data policies that comply with Data Protection Law.

Looking after yourself on Third Party events

Out and About will work with agreed third parties to promote their events on our web site and event finder.

Event participants will need to check the T&Cs of third parties before they take part in events. 

We ask you to acknowledge and agree that:

  • You are over 18
  • You have reasonably assessed the risks involved in the Experience(s) and have made an informed and voluntary choice to participate.
  • You alone, and not your Host(s), are responsible for determining your fitness for participating in the Experience(s) and your ability to fully understand any directions or warnings presented.
  • You will not participate in any Experience(s) and/or Trip when you have a physical, medical, or mental limitation or disability, or when you are aware or should reasonably be aware of any factors that may limit or prevent you from safely participating in that Experience(s) and/or Trip.
  • You will act reasonably and responsibly and will comply with any provided and customary conditions, directions, and/or precautions for participation in the Experience(s) and/or Trip. If you notice any hazard during an Experience, you will stop participating in the Experience immediately.

License to use assets

Out and About will want to use and re-use assets from events (these include photographs, videos, film or any other content). 

To assist with this, our event participants grant to Out and About an irrevocable licence to use that asset for the purpose of Out and About for perpetuity, in any and all media now existing or to be invented and in territory that Out and About operates or seeks to operate.


Out and About reserve the right to use photos and videos taken on our events to promote Out and About in any and all media now existing or to be invented. Event participants who do not wish to be included in such materials are responsible for advising Out and About event leaders of this and not participating in any photography or filming at events.