The health and fitness world has long been dominated by mainstream ideals; from assumptions about a client’s ideal body type, to membership forms that require checking a male or female only box. ⁣Fitness professionals can also feel funny about training certain members that don’t fit traditional gender or sexual identity moulds – so how are you supposed to focus on you, if you don’t feel comfortable? 

Enter LGBT FIT. 

We are Rachael Capper and Isabella Beni. Both of us have been on our own separate journeys of self-acceptance, self-discovery and healing. Together, we have over 16 years experience in helping people with all things fitness, Pilates, nutrition and mindset related. We have a true passion to help people in whatever way they might need. We understand that not everyone has the same physique goals and that fitness means different things to different people. We also understand that being fit is so much more than just looking fit – it’s about having a fit mind, as well as a fit body, to truly reach a fit you. 

This is why we offer more than just fitness and nutrition coaching. We offer Pilates which is essential to building a stronger core and creating a lengthened, more defined body. Pilates helps to manage any existing injuries and to prevent future aches and pains. It realigns you, gives you better posture and great abs. 

We also teach meditation and breathwork. We start by opening up the body through gentle movement; opening up the lungs through breathwork, explaining the effects on the mind and body, helping you to understand and harness the power of your breath. We finish the session with a guided meditation. Meditation has so many benefits, from better sleep to reduced anxiety, better memory and increased creativity. Our sessions leave you feeling grounded, with better clarity.

Getting, being and keeping both physically and mentally fit should be something we all should feel comfortable in doing and be supported in doing so. This is why we have created a zero judgement, safe space community, where you have access to expert guidance, coaching and support. It doesn’t matter where you’re at on your journey, we are here to work with you to establish what’s driving your change, what your desires are and how we can help you achieve them. Our mission is to help you be confident, not only in the skin that you’re in, but with who you are.

We run challenges throughout the year where we work on total mind and body transformations; a holistic approach to help you feel amazing. You get to do this as part of a small, select group, meaning you get all the attention you need, plus the support of an amazing group of women to share your journey with you. 

Our challenges are 12 weeks, enough time for changes to take place, new habits to form and for you to be fully equipped with the tools to carry your journey onward.  Everything is covered from your nutrition and training plans, to group Pilates and meditation & breathwork classes. They are designed exactly for you, so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work. It’s for those that want change, that want to be held accountable and want expert guidance in a safe, judgement free place. 

We will be running our last challenge of the year starting 6 September! So stop waiting for your perfect moment, making your “when this/when that” excuses, stop putting your life on hold and make a commitment, a promise and a difference to yourself. As soon as you are ready to help yourself, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

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