Last night, the Out and About team visited the new London LGBTQ Community Centre, which opened this month. We got an opportunity to look around the space and talk to two of the team who help run it.

The centre is conveniently located within minutes of Blackfriars Station, and is easy to find. Given the current COVID challenges, it was really quiet when we went in, but they gave us a good opportunity to see all that was on offer.

The Centre has huge windows that look out on the Thames and high ceilings, so it at once feels spacious and full of light. There are plenty of tables and chairs, and a couple of areas with more comfortable seating and even a small private room that can be used.

There is also a small library area, which was already boasting a good collection of books.

As an alcohol free zone, there is an area you can buy hot and cold drinks from. The Centre also has it’s own merchandise for sale.

The Centre will be putting events and activities on. This includes a Christmas Eve Dinner and Yoga Sessions. We liked that some tickets are always available free. As we wrote this, sadly COVID-19 lockdowns may be impact on some of the events.

There is no charge for small groups to book and use the space, but larger groups would need to ask about a fee. When we enquired, it was clear, the focus was really on cost recovery, rather than making money, so initial pricing was very reasonable. This is great news for small community based groups

You can also enquire to book the whole space on Mondays and Tuesdays. And they are on the look for volunteers.

We think the Centre is a welcome addition to London’s LGBTQIA space, especially given it’s alcohol free focus. We also like the fact it can be booked out for community groups on set days. We really hope it get’s the funding it needs to stay open beyond it’s initial 6 months.

The Centre is open from 11-8pm. Over the Festive period they will be open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then closed until the new year (mainly so all the staff and volunteers can have a break).

We will be planning an Out and About visit to the Centre in the new year and promoting on our event platform.

Polly Shute is Co-Founder of Out and About LGBTQ

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